Get out and vote Nov. 3, 2020
Get out and vote Nov. 3, 2020
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Introducing the "45" Collection of Donald Trump Shirts


We're proud to introduce our newest original anti-Trump t-shirt design: The "45" collection. As a follow-up to our best-selling and eponymous "Worst. President. Ever." shirts and merchandise, the 45 Collection leaves now doubt as to who is the undisputed worst commander in chief. 

The striking 45 stands out in bold, self-tanning mango orange (we're pretty sure that's an official Pantone color) and is accompanied by black or white text. 

If you're looking for a premium, comfortable t-shirt with a bold, anti-Trump message, the 45 collection is for you. Be sure to check out the ultra-soft, unisex tri-blend shirt. Heck, there's even something for the kids in this collection. 

Shop the entire 45 Collection of funny, anti-Trump shirts now

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